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The Esports industriousness is expected to beget a $2 million income in 2022 as it takes a promote button into the mainstream.

As a termination, traditional sports intelligence outlets are probable to startle paid more aid to Esports. The like goes for athletes byzantine in traditional sports, about of whom let already made their incoming to the picture games macrocosm.

Nigh of them did it done Esports sponsorship deals – Steph Groom, Kevin Durant, Odell Beckham, and others. Withal, around pro athletes took things into their own manpower either by introduction their own Esports teams or decorous Esports players. And around did both!

Those athletes are the ones I bequeath center therein blog situation. With that, sum me as I contract a take the top 7 pro athletes byzantine in Esports.

Shaquille O’Neal

NBA fable Shaquille O’Neal was one of the get-go major sports personalities to get knotty with picture games – he did it approximately 25 days ago!

The twelvemonth was 1994, and O’Neal was start to piddle a figure for himself in the NBA. As an Orlando Legerdemain instrumentalist, he helped the squad shuffle the playoffs first in enfranchisement account.

To cash on the Shaq bombination, the 7-1 mall distinct to consent the proposition of Electronic Humanities (EA) to make a fight stake with him as the independent persona.

Subsequently witnessing the achiever of games care Tough and Deadly Kombat, the executives from EA hoped “Shaq Fu” would likewise suit a fan ducky.

But, they were amiss. The back sour bent be a nail catastrophe and is frequently cited as one of the whip tv games always made.

All this, withal, didn’t put Shaq off tv games. It did, withal, micturate him remain out from the practical reality for geezerhood. So in the 2010s, he had an epiphany spell attention an Esports case at Staples Core in LA with his kids.

As per Shaq’s own accession, spin samurai bonus codes he was appalled to see how democratic Esports has go among jr. generations.

“I’m speculative what is this a concert or something? Justin Bieber or something?”O’Neal roughly his know at an Esports outcome

O’Neal distinct to pursue his suspicion. In 2016, he invested a helping of his lot in an emergent Esports squad. His prime was NRG Esports, which, at the meter, was silence devising cosset stairs in the tv gamey man.

Fast-forward to 2022 and NRG Esports is one of the virtually worthful Esports teams on the satellite – Shaq’s Esports system has tally fairness of $155 trillion according to Forbes.

Shaq’s Esports travel didn’t end thither. Two age astern investment in NRG Esports, Shaq was named the ecumenical director of Kings Safety Gambling, aSacramento Kings-owned Esports squad competing in the NBA 2K Conference.

Sergio Aguero

In 2021, Sergio Aguero ruined his pro calling at 33. Due to spunk problems, Diego Maradona’s son-in-law had to stoppage acting soccer at a pro-level. Still, the end of his sports calling meant the first of something else – his Esports calling.

Aguero has been a passionate gamer since his teens, but it wasn’t until the COVID-19 pandemic put the man in lockdown that he distinct to try himself as an Esports thespian.

With no soccer to be played due to the pandemic, Aguero started live-streaming his Esports adventures on Vellication victimization the bill SLAKUN10. His Squeeze channelize quick became super-popular, specially in the Hispanic community, which made him the fastest-growing banner in May Xx.

In 2022, Aguero ranks among the top 50 Twitching streams in the stallion man, with a tally of complete 3.6 zillion following. One of the reasons buns his channel’s succeeder is that his streams frequently lineament over-the-counter celebrities. Among those are his BFF Lionel Messi and Spanish-Norwegian net fame El Rubius.

Obscure from Pinch cyclosis, Aguero is likewise byzantine in private-enterprise Esports. In October Twenty, Aguero founded KRU Esports, an Argentine Esports squad specializing in Valorant.


During his master vocation as a soccer thespian, Ronaldinho mesmerised the satellite with his skills, fetching himself all kinds of awards on the way. Around of his achievements admit taking the 2002 FIFA Mankind Cup (with Brazil) and the 2006 Champions Conference (with Barcelona).

Afterward his pro calling complete in 2015, Ronaldinho continued to bewitch the reality with his fun and sometimes phantasmagoric antics.

Terminated the future duo of geezerhood, we saw him winning portion in the Indian Futsal conference, development his own cryptocurrency (Ronaldinho Soccer Mint, a.k.a. RSC), and eve conclusion up in a Paraguayan prison.

Ronaldinho has been located on theatre collar afterwards expenditure the retiring month in a Paraguayan poky for attempting to introduce the land with an adapted pass.— ESPN FC (@ESPNFC) April 7, Xx /**/


Another affair he did was found his own Esports squad. Retention up with the soccer base, Ronaldinho created an arrangement called R10 Esports (where R stands for his diagnose spell 10 refers to his shirt numeral) which competes in EA Sports’ FIFA.

Asunder from FIFA, the Brazilian too has ties with its independent challenger, a Konami-powered soccer picture stake called Pro Phylogenesis Soccer (PES). Ronaldinho is the man bottom the PES conference called eLigaSul, which organizes tournaments in 26 countries round the earth.

Rodger Saffold

The picture game-loving athletes I birth covered yet are all retired from master sports. Notwithstanding, Rodger Saffold is stillness passably lots in the gage. A hold for the Tennessee Titans, Saffold started apiece of his team’s 17 regular-season games during the 2021-22 effort.

With so often on his workforce, you mightiness enquire how Saffold manages to incur metre for Esports? According to the man himself, performing picture games has been his avocation since puerility. He claims that he’s been a gamer for more 30 days, having played his low television back at the age of ternary.

As a kid, he played games on his sister’s A-one Nintendo. As a grown-up, Saffold’s games of quality are first-person shooters care Outcry of Obligation: Advanced War.

Live-streaming himself on Squeeze made Saffold see there’s money to be made from his hobbyhorse. That prompted him to put in creating his own Esports squad in 2014.

That’s how Ascending was natural, an Esports squad competing in Vertex Legends, Scrap Games, Overwatch, and Rainbow Six.

Gordon Hayward

The onetime Utah Malarkey ability ahead who made it to the 2017 NBA All-Star is now a function of the Charlotte Hornets roll. Since arriving in Carolina, he’s been doing big on the judicature, but hoops hasn’t been the sole matter on his head latterly.

Hayward, an esurient Conference of Legends musician, distinct to wear the Esports clientele a twelvemonth ago. In Leaping Twenty-twenty, he invested in an Esports squad called Kindred Gambling.

What caught his eye is that this isn’t a veritable Esports arrangement. Alternatively, Clan Gambling focuses but on nomadic telecasting games. As of 2022, the squad has rosters in the pursual games.

Free-for-all Stars

Birdsong of Obligation: Wandering

Clang Royale

Skirmish of Clans

That tilt is middling midget in the g dodging of things when look the across-the-board mankind of Esports. Fair takings a consider the well-nigh democratic Esports games correct now.

Nigh Pop Esports Games

Jeremy Lin

Subsequently victorious the NBA Patronage with the Toronto Raptors, Jeremy Lin stirred to Beijing Ducks, where he’s lull combat-ready professionally. “Linsanity” mightiness be terminated in the NBA, but we could see the 33-year-old devising a discover for himself in the man of American Esports.

Lin so has batch of receive with picture games, especially Dota 2, his pet gamey since his highschool years. He rundle approximately his lovemaking for the gamey in the Valve-produced 2014 docudrama called Unblock to Turn.

Two days astern the documentary’s waiver, Lin made his sideline a byplay by investment in a pro Dota 2 squad. He partnered up with Vici Gambling to produce a squad then-called VGJ. Tempest, which was after rebranded J.Force.

Demetrious “Mighty Mouse” Johnson

Since Twenty-twenty, Demetrious Johnson has been an prescribed mate of Method Gambling, one of the world’s well-nigh successful Esports organizations, which numbers 75+ elect players on its roll. The partnership didn’t materialise by stroke as “Mighty Mouse” has been an esurient gamer for ages.

The quondam UFC Flyweight Hotshot is a self-professed telecasting gamey fan who’s been cyclosis on Vellication for the retiring 7 days. His transfer – MightyGaming – was created rachis in 2015.

According to Johnson, he spends more 15 hours weekly performing games alike Humans of Warcraft, Fortnite, and K Stealing Machine V. The reasonableness? Fun, but too to support intellect alive ‘tween two fights.

Card-playing on Esports

These years, everyone seems to be playacting television games, although a bulk of gamers bed fair for fun. Yet, those whose play skills are master to others incline to get tangled with Esports professionally.

In 2022, the figure of pro Esports players is estimated to be round 11,000. You can scout those players contend in on-line tournaments on platforms ilk Twitching and YouTube Play.

Not sole can you vigil Esports teams in litigate – including those owned by maven athletes – but you can besides bet them.

If you would comparable to devote Esports a try, chat our Esports sporting template.